Sunday, 17 February 2008

Who am I?

"Who are you?", you ask.
"Who am I? I'm no one... and I'm everyone. I'm you, I'm her, I'm him. I'm us, I'm they and I'm myself."
"Whose are you?"
"I'm no one's... and everyone's. I'm yours, I'm hers, I'm his. I'm ours, I'm theirs and I'm mine."
"What are you?"
"I'm nothing... and everything. I'm Shadow and I'm Light. I'm Nature and I'm Desert. I'm Doubt and I'm Answer. I'm Sea and I'm Shore. I'm Here and I'm There."
"Are you God?"
"I am and I am not."
"Why are you giving me hints instead of answers?"
"I have given you only answers. I just didn't say what you wanted to hear."