Saturday, 28 June 2008

When you call me a bitch you ain't wrong at all...
As you ought to know, bitch is the female of dog.
I can find food on my own, I can live by myself, I can be alone for a long time. Forever, if I have to. It doesn't matter. I'm a dog.
It doesn't matter if I'm always on four, that's what makes me smarter: I'm always watching my back.
It doesn't make a difference if I'm fat, skinny, huge or tiny, dirty dark or snow white, I can hide when I want to and I can make myself be seen if I have to.
Being caged isn't my fear; I can always run faster and hide behind the trees.
I do love a caress under my chin, but if you snap my ear, I'll most certainly bark and show you my sharpen teeth.
Food isn't a problem: I can steal it, I can look for it and I might even beg for it. But I'll always have it.
Bathroom is the least of my problems: the world is my home, so I'd say I have a pretty damn big number of corners to make mine.
Sickness may be a problem, but as long as I've lived long enough to see you being forced to mate with the dog They choose, eat the food They choose, stay where, being mistreated when you mark territory on Their place, being snapped mored than caressed and killed when They think you're old, I've lived a pretty damn good life. Even if I lived it on the streets. Even if I did it alone.