Wednesday, 15 June 2011

There was a time...

And then comes a time when you realize you cannot stand on your own two feet anymore.

When all strenght is gone and you can't carry on. When the tide is just too strong and you can't swim against it.

Then comes a time when you realize you are not self sufficient, fast nor smart. You realize you are just small as anyonelse. As lost as the lot of them.

Then comes a time when you realize you are normal.

And being normal, you suffer like anyone else.

To be special doesn't mean being better than the rest. It means doing something that people congratulate you for, but it won't make you better than them.

And I realize all that now.

I can't go on alone. I need help from every being around me. I need help to find my way thru this.

I need help to make myself special. Not to anyone. Special under my own eyes.

I need to believe in myself.

Once I do that, I think I can carry on.