Friday, 6 March 2009

Fear not the blood that oozes from thy wounded heart. Fear not what makes thy heart rush and thy body shiver. It means you are alive.
Forget not how it feels to have your heart pounding like Hell's drums in your chest and your lungs filled with Heaven's scent. Forget not how it feels to look in that Devil's angel's eyes and touch that devine body from the Depths of the Earth.
Always bear in mind that moment. Doubt surrounds you, tricking you sometimes that it lasted a split second, other times that it might have taken a day or two. But it doesn't matter how long it lasted. No... What matters is, wether in a split second or in a day, how much you enjoyed being with the Devil upon thy Olympian matress, sharing thy immortal honey from those encarcerating lips.
Feel not ashamed for being in doubt. Feel not embarassed for wanting more. Feel not compelled to say you are satified when your body and mind ache for more. Satisfy your lust. But never beg. Never plead nor ask. Take it. Surrender it. Control it. Own it. And never let it go.
You sold your soul, but you must have something in return. You sold your soul to the devine sinner, but even the Devine Devil must pay thou dues.
To conquer and be conquered. That is the Balance thy ought to live in.

Inside these walls

You think you know but you'll never do
Life in here ain't never blue.
Red and yellow and white and black
Are the colours spread here front to back.
To survive inside these walls
All you need is not just balls.
You gotta be slick and smart
Before others tear you apart.
You gotta know what to say and when to say
'Cause when the shit hits you won't have time to say "Nay!".
Inside these walls you gotta look out for your brothers
Before he gets killed when there's a lack of order.
'Cause inside these walls only one thing is the matter
It's who you have by your side for worse and better.
All you have in here is kin, partners and foe,
So you better walk in tip-toe
'Cause there's a thin line between love and hate
And you don't wanna be the one to cross the gate inside a crate.
"I shall not fear". That is a good motto. Brand new year, brand new day. Fresh star? Perhaps. Ought to be careful not to make the same errs as last dawn.
"I shan't fear". What is there to fear anyway? There ain't nothing I've never felt before. The same feelings' pot-pourri. The same rush, the same shivers, the same... fears.
"I shan't fear, for thy walk with me". No shit. There are six-fucking-billion people in the world! Pretty hard to find a quiet spot unless you're hidden in some cave lost in the Andes. Then again... Nah. Nobody walks with me. I ain't trust anyone.
"I shan't fear, I shan't run". Bull-fucking-shit. I'm a wuss. I'll do anything in my powers to avoid a fight. If I do get in trouble, odds are I'll run back home to mama.
"I shan't fear, I shan't run: I'm a knight". Sorttaspeak. That one I can live for. Knights live for their honour. So if a mothafucka comes calling me names, disrespecting me and my kin, I'll flash my piece and shoot the nigga down. Mothafucka won't know what hit him. But only if the nigga's been dissing me. Otherwise, I'll run like bat from hell.
"I'm a knight: I san't run, I shan't fear". Yeah, motherfucker, I'm a knight. Perhaps not in shining armour and shit, but a knight nonetheless. Don't do asks, don't take quests, just defending my own ass.
I shall not, ought not, will not, must not fear what comes ahead. I may not fear what comes ahead, for I've been around and I know it gets easier. I cannot run, 'cause when you're up on shit's creek with no paddle, there ain't no where to go.