Friday, 6 March 2009

Inside these walls

You think you know but you'll never do
Life in here ain't never blue.
Red and yellow and white and black
Are the colours spread here front to back.
To survive inside these walls
All you need is not just balls.
You gotta be slick and smart
Before others tear you apart.
You gotta know what to say and when to say
'Cause when the shit hits you won't have time to say "Nay!".
Inside these walls you gotta look out for your brothers
Before he gets killed when there's a lack of order.
'Cause inside these walls only one thing is the matter
It's who you have by your side for worse and better.
All you have in here is kin, partners and foe,
So you better walk in tip-toe
'Cause there's a thin line between love and hate
And you don't wanna be the one to cross the gate inside a crate.

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