Friday, 6 March 2009

"I shall not fear". That is a good motto. Brand new year, brand new day. Fresh star? Perhaps. Ought to be careful not to make the same errs as last dawn.
"I shan't fear". What is there to fear anyway? There ain't nothing I've never felt before. The same feelings' pot-pourri. The same rush, the same shivers, the same... fears.
"I shan't fear, for thy walk with me". No shit. There are six-fucking-billion people in the world! Pretty hard to find a quiet spot unless you're hidden in some cave lost in the Andes. Then again... Nah. Nobody walks with me. I ain't trust anyone.
"I shan't fear, I shan't run". Bull-fucking-shit. I'm a wuss. I'll do anything in my powers to avoid a fight. If I do get in trouble, odds are I'll run back home to mama.
"I shan't fear, I shan't run: I'm a knight". Sorttaspeak. That one I can live for. Knights live for their honour. So if a mothafucka comes calling me names, disrespecting me and my kin, I'll flash my piece and shoot the nigga down. Mothafucka won't know what hit him. But only if the nigga's been dissing me. Otherwise, I'll run like bat from hell.
"I'm a knight: I san't run, I shan't fear". Yeah, motherfucker, I'm a knight. Perhaps not in shining armour and shit, but a knight nonetheless. Don't do asks, don't take quests, just defending my own ass.
I shall not, ought not, will not, must not fear what comes ahead. I may not fear what comes ahead, for I've been around and I know it gets easier. I cannot run, 'cause when you're up on shit's creek with no paddle, there ain't no where to go.

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