Thursday, 26 February 2009

You say o' justice.
You say o' fairness.
But when you threw me in here
You never thought thrice.
Yeah, I commited a crime.
Yeah, I dissed the law.
But you don't see the deed,
You see the doer.
You tell we're all the same,
We all roaches and must die.
Some of us will walk,
Some of us died when walked inside.
Truth is we's in here 'cause we's black,
'Cause we's poor,
'Cause we's addict,
'Cause we don't know who we is,
'Cause we's different,
'Cause we tried to make it work.
We's in here because you is afraid.
Y'all say no to death penalty,
Y'all say no to lethal injection.
But leavin' us encarcerated
is it a better solution?
Maybe outside we killed but didn't mean to.
But here we kill 'cause we have to...
To survive.

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