Friday, 30 May 2008

Pillow Talk

"Been feeling wierd lately, I have... rather uncorfotable. Angry all the time. Depressed even. Crying out over everything and nothing. Been feeling out of place. Exilated. An... outcast..."
"Yeah, outcast."
"Oh, dear... Outcast."
"But still?"
"Nay... Again."
"I thought we were through with that!"
"I was getting used to that!"
"Think we'll have to change. Try, at least."
"Oh, dear!"
"Oh, no!"
"I didn't mean it... I tried to avoid it."
"But you didn't?"
"But you didn't!"
"But I didn't..."
"Sooo... that's it?"
"That's it!"
"That's what?"
"Are we changing?"
"I'm not sure..."
"You ain't?"
"You ain't!"
"No. Maybe if we just stop and stare, someone will see us."
"Yeah, maybe."
"Maybe, baby..."
"What if they don't?"
"Yeah, what if they don't?"
"'Choo mean?"
"What if people don't notice?"
"Yeah, what if people walk right through us?"
"Well, uhm..."
"What if they... they..."
"What if they ignore us?"
"I think we'll just have to be patient and have hope."

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