Monday, 27 July 2009

yeah, i did get offended, jerk...all i did was love you, dumb-ass...
being a bitch was a way to try making this happening, but evetually it did, 'cause i weakend out. it is still my fault, but there's no need to throw that on my face. i recgonized my flaws and my errs, so shut up,dickhead!
being a bitch is not my flaw, is my defense mechanism. it protects me, or it should, from rough edges like yourself. guess we're better off this way... we go separate ways. even if mine is a fake one. i'm better off alone, away from people...especially from you.
because, all naïveness and poetry aside, you are like a rose. yeah, you're just like a bloody freaking rose. the most gallant and charming thing nature has created, but if i don't look out, i get my thumb spilling blood, stung by your thorns.
maybe it was you going away that changed my scenario. yeah, that was it. i realised what i could eventually lose... and i lostit. you are over me, as you said it yourself... you turned the game around. that is why i was bitch to start with. so i wouldn't get in the game. lucky me i've been around. lucky me i have a scared heart... and scared hearts don't suffer heart attacks. step on me all you want, inglorious bastard. it's no use trying to soften a rock. even if it already has some cracks.

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