Saturday, 26 June 2010

A chapter ends, a new one begins

I think that is one of the best life-related metaphors. Life isn't one great book. No. Life is like Encyclopaedia Britannica or Larousse: you have a book for each set of letter. You get one book, you get a limited amount of information only. If you want to know it all, A to Z, you need the whole collection. One book completes the other. You can go to one particular volume to read a certain something, indeed. But surely, there's something related to that in some other book.

And Life is just like that. You have books for you friends, family, work, college times, stupid things, fights, unforgettable happenings, philosophical thoughts, love. They are all connected. They complete each other. They can be read independently, yes, but you will only know who one really is if you read one's whole collection. A to Z.

Awkward as it may sound, even though all books are updated on a daily basis, according to that person's day, the books don't have the same number of chapters. No. Actually, it wouldn't make sense. Everytime we accomplish something, we end a chapter and start a new one. This new chapter, alike the last one, ought to have many sub-chapters. As many as made necessary to end this new one on the best way possible. This implies, most times, in help from facts (re)written in the other volumes. But sometimes, no matter how many sub-chapters we've written, things go wrong, we get hurt. (Obviously, as it is me writing, i mean mostly the LOVE volume of the collection, but this tends to happen - not as frequently, true - in all of them.) And because we get hurt and things don't work out, no matter how hard we try, we decide to end that chapter and start a new one, in order to (or at least try to) stop suffering.

There. I finally made my point.

Putting a final period on a chapter of LOVE is never an easy, pain-free task. But it might be (very) necessary. It takes nerve, guts and positive thoughts of a brighter future.

I am putting a final period on this chapter of my Life's LOVE so I can let the subject of this past chapter be written on FRIENDSHIP from now on. Maybe up to the very last chapter of all books. Again, this isn't easy, but it is necessary.

Therefore, hereby I start a new chapter of LOVE. G'd knows what lies ahead, but I have many chapters behind to lean on so I won't make the same mistakes again.

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