Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I don not think I can by any more sure that I love you.

But every once in a while you manage to do or say something that will sweep me off of my feet and make my love for you grow even higher.
I can still feel your arms around me, holding me tight, trying to get me a bit warmer. Even though I'd still shake and freeze to death, your true concern with me was more than enough to keep me alive.

And it is on occasions like this when I know it isn't arrogance of mine to say you love me just as much as I do.

And love makes us feel different, makes us act different. That explains why you and I cry like babies every time we part.
Perhaps it even explains why I cannot cry when I'm still with you.
Yes, maybe that's it...
I do not lose hope.
Untill the very last second, something can change and you'll stay in my arms and never leave. So, I don't cry.

And then you leave.
You go out of my sight.
And my chest hurts unbearably, my legs weaken so hard I cannot walk.
Anything and everything that reminds me of you will bring me to my knees again: a song, a place, a picture.

It hurts. God, it hurts.
But you make it worth the pain.
Being with you brings all the reward I need.
You make me happy.
You make me feel safe.
You make me whole.

And that's it.

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