Monday, 28 June 2010

ID vs EGO (1)

"Say what? Ye gonna throw it all up in the air? All we've gathered? All we've accomplished, aye?"

"Oh, please, be so kind and tell us what on Earth we have accomplished."

"We're feared. We're respected. We're looked up at. We enjoy ourselves, mate."

"But still, we're alone."

"Nay, we ain't alone, sire. We 'ave the world with us."

"Being feared and respected had lead us nowhere."

"If it 'avent yet, it will. And most certainly it 'as saved us from falling into traps. We intimidate."

"You really can't see how it affects us, can you? Intimidating people only draw them away from us. It hurts people and it hurts us!"

"Ah, well... 'choo suggest we then, lad?"

"No idea..."

"Precisely, laddie. There ain't no ohter way now. We're way past the point o' no freegging return. We go a'ead or we get keelhauled."

"We don't believe you."

"Oh, really? Then lead us out."

to be continued...

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