Monday, 28 June 2010

Yup, it is pretty clear, now. I have done it all wrong. I thought that by hiding my true soft core I wouldn't get hurt, but clearly I was wrong. I grew hard, got my armour on and got beaten down, nonetheless. I fell, but I rose again, twice as hard, twice as determined to hide myself inside this carcass that now imprisons me.

But now... Now the table has been turned and I'm willing to open up, show my true self to the world. Only, the don't believe me. Truth is, I've been inside this carcass for so long, and I have worn it so naturally, that people don't believe that inside, and not too deep inside, I'm just as fragile as any one of them.

People respect me. People look up to me. People are intimidated by me. But it means absolutely nothing to me right now, as I see that it all draws me apart from them.

I don't want this anymore.

I can't undo everything, but I can try to do some damage control.

And what gives me strengh to try is the thought that, when people see that I've changed, I can finally feel the warmth of a loving embrace.

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