Monday, 2 May 2011

Winter Wake

It's been a long, hot summer.

Now it's over.

The leaves are falling from the trees, the sky is growing gray.

No more unbelievable heat, no more sweating.

Autumn has arrived, and brought with him my relief. Winter will soon be here. The cold wind, gray skies, freezing nights... My body and mind shiver with anticipation.

Autumn is the prelude of my Winter Symphony. Come Winter, my tired self will be able to take a breath and be fully functional again. Summers are heavy on me. The Sun blinds me, the heat holds back all of my mental and rational faculties.

Last summer was specially hard, though. Way harder than most. No wonder the first breeze of Autumn wind set a fire in my heart: easier days are coming...

I don't mind wearing tons of clothing. I don't mind having my face blushed with the cold air or my fingertips frozen.

Winter is magical. Snowed or not, it is. Winter can do me no wrong. Winter is my element. Winter is my friend.

Winter brings me peace of mind. Winter saves me from the depths of anywhere.

Winter won't let me down. Winter will bring me back to life.

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