Thursday, 9 September 2010

She was always the top gal. Men's gal, girls' gal, gal about town. Or so she felt. Cold blooded, stone hearted. Hurt, but over it. Desired and wanted. But it wasn't enough. Not because she scoffed those who wanted her, but because she wanted something that they wouldn't give her. She wanted Love. She needed Love. She wanted to be desired no by her body, but by her heart. She'd been hurt before, she'd given her heart to some whom didn't want nor deserved it. Ergo, she was scared.

And along came him. He swept her off her feet, like some before. He got her addicted to him, like some before. He made her feel good. Yes, many made her feel happy before. But not like this. Not that much, not that fast. He got her to forget the hurt and put everything else aside. He fell in Love with her. And so did she.

She no longer needs to be gal about town. She feels safe in his arms, warmed by his loving gaze.

In little time, they accomplished what most take years to. In little time, they got to know each other almost better than themselves. She knew he wanted her whole self, and so she gave herself in.

Their Love grew so strong that, even though very recent and utterly fresh, distance was not made a debilitating factor. On the contrary, distance makes their Love stronger. Distance makes them cherish every and each second the spend together, missing each other's embrace and yearning for a kiss.

But above all, Love doesn't fade. No. Love grows.

And it may not last forever. But even though she does not wish to see an end to it never, she keeps every and each memory treasured in her mind and in her heart, savoring each moment as the last one.

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